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Bullet + Stone Collection

The Bullet+Stone pairs raw concrete with sumptuous metal finishes to create a striking collection of door hardware that makes an elegant, hand-crafted design statement. A meticulous fusion of bold lines and soft contours ensures the Concrete Club on Round Rose adds a sophisticated touch to any door. The Concrete Quad on Square Rose adds a modern touch to any door with a clean, sharp, linear silhouette. With enchanting simplicity, the Concrete Niki on Round Rose adds a captivating touch to any door.

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ND Lens Gear

The ND LensGear precisely adjusts selfcentered to lenses with different diameters. The ND LensGear Series covers all lenses out like no other available LensGear. No Cutting and no Bending: No more screw drivers, worn out belts or annoying remainders of straps that stick out. Everything fits like a charm. And another plus, its Tool-Free! Thanks to its clever design it centers itself gently and firmly around the lens.

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World's first dynamic parcel locker which can provide different box sizes by folding/unfolding its shelves and merging/unmerging its doors, thus maximizing usable space in minimum footprint. This unique capability makes the device usable for various service providers, offering an intuitive experience for end users without involving them in technical complexities.

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Robot door handle is designed like a micro architecture, where each part performs a specific function. Its shape reminds a simple profile from which surfaces extend and rotate to ensure the right grip and comfort for the palm and the thumb. The overall design deliberately keeps visible the transformation process, helps the handle to fuse together with the architectural environment and reduces the amount of brass needed. The transformation concept is extended to the whole range, including a special pull handle with a large plate designed for shop doors.

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The form of the handle in addition to being inspired by the "type" of the handle highlights a very important formal relationship, the geometries and the relationship between the parties are always like 1/2. The result is unique is almost a mathematical function where with this resulting form the elements that generate it can only be used. Report 1/2 has given a good inspiration.

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This handle is inspired by a single triangle.By designing a lever handle with the minimal element of a triangle, The designer had to sculpt the element to leave a powerful impression. The conventional neck and grip are well integrated into the design to retain the triangular theme throughout the lever handle. With this, every viewing angle of the lever handle would offer a view of triangular surfaces.

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