Zeng Li's Jia Hu Jiu Liquor

Zeng Li Spotlights The Jia Hu Jiu Liquor

Zeng Li, the designer of the displayed design Liquor by Zeng Li points out, Jia Hu civilization, can be traced back to 9000 years ago, at the time of the Chinese ancestors invented the liquor and bone flute, this is equivalent to the human has been g <Cropped>

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Huahong Office Ii-Interior Space by Bo Lee

Bo Lee Demonstrates The Huahong Office Ii Interior Space

Bo Lee, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Award Winning Huahong Office II Interior Space says, As the landscape can make people trample at 360 degree, it is more about how to move the great view into the functional indoor space, to do <Cropped>

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Award Winning Cool Wool Socks

Julia Chernenko Shares The Cool Wool Socks

Julia Chernenko, the project leader of the highlighted work Cool Wool - Socks by Julia Chernenko points out, The designer developed a form of packaging for retail sails of socks, a mailing tape for standard postal parcels suitable for any clothes for <Cropped>

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2019 Acc Design Contest

The Contest Is Aimed At Promoting The Diversity of The Acc’s Cultural Merchandise. The Acc Seeks to Offer Exciting Experiences to All Participants and Grant Them Opportunities to Showcase Their Artistic and Creative Prowess Aligned With Their Interest I

The contest is aimed at promoting the diversity of the acc’s cultural merchandise. the acc seeks to offer exciting experiences to all participants and grant them opportunities to showcase their artistic and creative prowess aligned with their inter <Cropped>

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Award Winning Vanishing Crafts Book

Jesvin Yeo and Alvin Ng Designs The Vanishing Crafts Book

Jesvin Yeo and Alvin Ng, the architect of the award winning design Book by Jesvin Yeo and Alvin Ng demonstrates, Vanishing Crafts is designed to promote the awareness of traditional crafts. It was conceived to serve as a memory project of Singapore, <Cropped>

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Award Winning Moore Face Salon Studio Face Salon Studio

Wang Yuhan Demonstrates The Moore Face Salon Studio Face Salon Studio

Wang YuHan, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Face Salon Studio:Moore Face Salon Studio by Wang YuHan explains, To reduce the costumers’ anxiety, the space has been designed like a domestic facial salon. Indoor, the activity and folding <Cropped>

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Shiwu-Restaurant by Rui Zhao

Rui Zhao Demonstrates The Shiwu Restaurant

Rui Zhao, the creator of the displayed project Restaurant by Rui Zhao spells out, The design concept comes from the traditional Chinese Gardens with the following two highlights. First the designer is trying to produce a twisting effect in the spatia <Cropped>

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Spacetime Coordinates Art Prints by Govy-Spacetime Coordinates

Govy-Spacetime Coordinates Designs The Spacetime Coordinates Art Prints Art Prints

Govy - SpaceTime Coordinates, the project leader of the displayed design Art Prints by Govy - SpaceTime Coordinates points out, The SpaceTime Coordinates Art Prints depict the Solar System at any point in time, to commemorate a historical event or ce <Cropped>

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Hospital Ship by Luis Felipe Burigotto Rocco

Luis Felipe Burigotto Rocco Reveals The Blue Frontiers Ship Hospital Ship

Luis Felipe Burigotto Rocco, the designer of the award winning project Blue Frontiers Ship by Luis Felipe Burigotto Rocco points out, It all started with the tragic moment that the world has experienced in recent times and challenged the designer L <Cropped>

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Award Winning Misfit Shine Activity Tracker

Acclaimed Designer Illustrates The Misfit Shine Activity Tracker

The architect of the highlighted project Activity Tracker:Misfit Shine by Acclaimed Designer spells out, Misfit Shine is an elegant personal activity tracker that you can wear anywhere on your body and to any occasion. Set your daily activity goal on <Cropped>

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