Award Winning Easy-Tear Tape Adhesive Tape

Lu Yi Reveals The Easy-Tear Tape Adhesive Tape

Lu Yi, the designer of the highlighted work adhesive tape by Lu Yi explains, Easy-tear tape sets a perforated line at intervals, such a design makes the product easier to be torn off neatly without assistance of other tools. Meanwhile the rational di <Cropped>

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Voluny by Uyen Vo

Uyen Vo Illustrates The Voluny Simple Volunteer App

Uyen Vo, the architect of the highlighted design Simple Volunteer App:Voluny by Uyen Vo demonstrates, Voluny is quick and easy volunteering app. The target audiences for Voluny are both people who are looking for volunteer experiences and for organiz <Cropped>

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Luxury Public Facility by Tang-Huang Cheng

Tang-Huang Cheng Creates The Comfortable Resort Luxury Public Facility

Tang-Huang Cheng, the architect of the awarded project Award Winning Comfortable Resort Luxury public facility explains, Chunqing uses simplicity and continuous shapes to that harmonize with its surroundings. The materials used are low in saturation; <Cropped>

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Call For Expression of Interest For Shelter Design For The Protection of Mosaics At An Archaeological Site in Cyprus

Please Read Call For Expression of Interest On Getty Conservation Institute Web Site: Http://

Please read call for expression of interest on getty conservation institute web site:

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Avanza Packaging Sl's Grandes De Apiane Wine Bottle

Avanza Packaging Sl Shows The Grandes De Apiane Wine Bottle

Avanza Packaging SL, the creator of the displayed design Award Winning Grandes de Apiane Wine Bottle demonstrates, Elegance and aesthetics were customer’s guidelines for that new bottle project. Helena came as a perfect name to express seduction fo <Cropped>

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Raynon Chiu's The Piedmont Sales Center

Raynon Chiu Creates The The Piedmont Sales Center

Raynon Chiu, the project leader of the awarded design Award Winning The Piedmont Sales Center spells out, This project is consist of villa area and tower block. It is used as sales center, for reception and working. Designer got the idea from the sce <Cropped>

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Electronic Educational Piano:crossway by Rumi Li

Rumi Li Discloses The Crossway Electronic Educational Piano

Rumi Li, the author of the award winning design Rumi Li's Crossway Electronic Educational Piano explicates, In view of the development of more functional, piano on the screen size up to 27 inches, within the overall framework, needs to consider <Cropped>

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Lisbon Under Stars by Ocubo

Ocubo Shares The Lisbon Under Stars Immersive Light Show

OCUBO, the creative mind behind the highlighted design Lisbon Under Stars - Immersive Light Show by OCUBO demonstrates, Lisbon Under Stars was a multidisciplinary experience, which gathered multimedia projections, virtual dancers and visual effects t <Cropped>

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Zoe Jia-Yu Dai's Breaking The 3-D Mould The 3d Printed Shoes

Zoe Jia-Yu Dai Spotlights The Breaking The 3-D Mould The 3d Printed Shoes

Zoe Jia-Yu Dai, the author of the displayed work The 3D printed shoes. by Zoe Jia-Yu Dai illustrates, The shoe collection was to discover ways and limitations in 3-D printing technology to push the boundaries of these constraints and change these pro <Cropped>

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House:campinarana by Laurent Troost

Laurent Troost Exhibits The Campinarana House

Laurent Troost, the architect of the displayed project House by Laurent Troost says, In the Amazon, natural conditions are extreme and the proximity of the equatorial zone requires an architecture oriented towards thermal comfort and "passive&qu <Cropped>

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