Sonja Iglic's Blooming Folding Eyewear

Sonja Iglic Discloses The Blooming Folding Eyewear

Sonja Iglic, the thinktank behind the displayed design Blooming - Folding Eyewear by Sonja Iglic spells out, Sonja‘s eyewear design was inspired by blossoming flowers and early spectacle frames. Combining the organic forms of nature and the functio <Cropped>

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Studio 8 1/2 's Cat and Mouse Beer Bar

Studio 8 1/2 Discloses The Cat and Mouse Beer Bar

studio 8 1/2 , the architect of the awarded work Award Winning Cat and Mouse Beer bar explicates, The Cat and Mouse bar had the opportunity to be new and modern design, made in the old ex-quarter of the craftsmen in the city of Plovdiv. The main des <Cropped>

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Suitable-Multifunctional Form by Sui Park

Sui Park Demonstrates The Suitable Multifunctional Form

Sui Park, the lead designer of the displayed design SuiTable by Sui Park says, The 'SuiTable' features a sustainable organic and dynamic form. I applied basketry patterns and techniques as units or modules to systematically construct the fo <Cropped>

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Andrew Cheng's Spring Chair Chair

Andrew Cheng Shows The Spring Chair Chair

Andrew Cheng, the maker of the awarded work Chair by Andrew Cheng says, SPRING is an all-wood cantilever chair with an inviting and playful appearance. The chair integrates wood and plywood in a unique way, as the changing direction of the grain give <Cropped>

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2017 China Food Expo Logo by Mao Ming and Yao Dabin

Mao Ming and Yao Dabin Reveals The China Food Expo Logo 2017 China Food Expo Logo

Mao Ming and Yao Dabin, the thinktank behind the awarded design 2017 CHINA FOOD EXPO LOGO:CHINA FOOD EXPO LOGO by Mao Ming and Yao Dabin points out, China Food Expo has been successfully held in Ningbo for the twelfth. In the past 12 years, the Food <Cropped>

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Award Winning Lady Zhen Decoration

Szu-Ti Feng Shows The Lady Zhen Decoration

Szu-Ti Feng, the author of the displayed work Decoration by Szu-Ti Feng illustrates, This decorative object masterfully combines two centuries old crafts, leather and lacquer, to depict the feminine virtue, gentle nature and fortitude of Chinese wome <Cropped>

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House and Garden by Stephan Maria Lang

Stephan Maria Lang Illustrates The Lakeside Living House and Garden

Stephan Maria Lang, the creative mind behind the awarded work Lakeside Living - house and garden by Stephan Maria Lang points out, The Architecture is to express a relationship to nature in which the house is part of the natural environment - recreat <Cropped>

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Award Winning Silent Hair Dryer

Aid Team, Wessel Deurwaarder Exhibits The Silent Hair Dryer

AID Team, Wessel Deurwaarder, the project leader of the award winning work AID Team, Wessel Deurwaarder's SILENT HAIR DRYER spells out, The Silent hair dryer aims to be the most silent hair dryer on the market. To facilitate this user advantage <Cropped>

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Ankle Foot Orthosis:avviare by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The Avviare Ankle Foot Orthosis

The thinktank behind the awarded project Award Winning Avviare ankle foot orthosis explicates, There is a limited market for people who suffer from lower limb injury or dysfunction to obtain powered exoskeletons that help restore normative walking f <Cropped>

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Interior Design:bathing At Dawn by Frankie Yu

Frankie Yu Designs The Bathing At Dawn Interior Design

Frankie Yu, the lead designer of the awarded work Frankie Yu's Bathing at Dawn Interior Design explicates, Being Green is an unaffordable luxury among densely populated residential buildings in the concrete jungle. Therefore, one of the highligh <Cropped>

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