Eternal Union by Olga Yatskaer

Olga Yatskaer Designs The Eternal Union Pendant

Olga Yatskaer, the designer of the highlighted design Pendant by Olga Yatskaer illustrates, The Eternal Union by Olga Yatskaer, a professional historian who decided to pursue a new career of a jewelry designer, looks simple yet full of meaning. Some <Cropped>

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Glory by Lin Wei Ting

Lin Wei Ting Portrays The Glory Residential House

Lin Wei Ting, the architect of the awarded work Glory - Residential House by Lin Wei Ting demonstrates, The magnificent grandeur of the lofty house, which shows it unsurpassed beauty of grandiloquence and classic, carves out the delicate layouts and <Cropped>

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Award Winning Algotec Systems Interior Design

Setter Architects Demonstrates The Algotec Systems Interior Design

Setter Architects, the lead designer of the displayed design Setter Architects's Algotec Systems Interior design illustrates, Algotec Systems Ltd. is a company dealing with healthcare information systems and medical imaging technology. When appr <Cropped>

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Powder Mix Paint by Alireza Jajarmi

Alireza Jajarmi Reveals The Crew Powder Mix Paint

Alireza Jajarmi, the architect of the displayed design Alireza Jajarmi's Crew Powder Mix Paint spells out, This concept project intends to be innovative in the paint market. “Crew” is a biodegradable powder-mix paint company that produces <Cropped>

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Stool by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Discloses The Drilling Stool

The thinktank behind the displayed project Stool:Drilling by Acclaimed Designer demonstrates, DRILLING is a three-legged stool, which is composed of three identical aluminium parts. The multiple use of the same parts creates an advantage within the p <Cropped>

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Self-Cleaning by Serel Design Team

Serel Design Team Portrays The Serel Luvi Urinal Set Self-Cleaning

Serel Design Team, the architect of the displayed project Award Winning Serel Luvi Urinal Set Self-Cleaning illustrates, Primary purpose of Serel Luvi Urinal is to deliver maximum hygiene. SEREL designed a product compliant with this purpose both in <Cropped>

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Stool by Xiying Bao and Minghao Luo

Xiying Bao and Minghao Luo Designs The Flexsit Stool

Xiying Bao and Minghao Luo, the creator of the displayed design Stool:FlexSit by Xiying Bao and Minghao Luo explicates, FlexSit, born to be “unstable ”, is not only a rocking stool with a range of options included but also a fun and ergonomic sea <Cropped>

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The Crafted Urban Sunroom by Phoebesayswow Architects Ltd

Phoebesayswow Architects Ltd. Creates The The Crafted Urban Sunroom Residential Flat

PhoebeSayswow Architects Ltd. , the creative mind behind the highlighted design Residential flat:The Crafted Urban Sunroom by PhoebeSayswow Architects Ltd. illustrates, An urban flat designed to bring in joyful daylight as well as achieve flexible sp <Cropped>

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Into The World of Art by Joy Chou

Joy Chou Illustrates The Into The World of Art Gallery

Joy Chou, the lead designer of the displayed project Gallery by Joy Chou spells out, Subverting tradition, creating new images of art In design, because the owner of the art gallery collects pottery, wooden, stone, and, metal artworks, the style of t <Cropped>

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Interior Design:florina Headquarters by Qingliang Xu-Masanori Designs

Qingliang Xu-Masanori Designs Shares The Florina Headquarters Interior Design

Qingliang Xu - Masanori Designs, the project leader of the displayed work Florina Headquarters by Qingliang Xu - Masanori Designs points out, Concrete, became an important material to change world landscapes 250 years ago. Based on the history, cultu <Cropped>

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