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This handle is inspired by a single triangle.By designing a lever handle with the minimal element of a triangle, The designer had to sculpt the element to leave a powerful impression. The conventional neck and grip are well integrated into the design to retain the triangular theme throughout the lever handle. With this, every viewing angle of the lever handle would offer a view of triangular surfaces.

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Kayoni is a new way thinking and age oriented modular construction set which - thanks to its series and tight mathematical design - can be assembled in multiple orientations and with limitless constructional opportunities because of high accuracy tolerances of interconnecting pins and pockets of its blocks. By concept, vision and opportunities dedicated to toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children but enjoyable and skill building - as well as creatively inspiring, fun and entertaining - to everyone!

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Venous Materials

Venous Materials project envisions a new way to design dynamic tangible interactions using fluidic Interfaces. It is a new type of interactive material that is inspired by veins systems in nature and the human body. When the user applies pressure or motion to the material, it dynamically displays geometric patterns and colors. The different patterns are displays that function as tangible sensors, that can animate dynamic graphics, create responsive objects for learning activities, and visualize body movement and balance.

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This portable handling tool, with a self-weight of merely 25kg, can achieve easy floating movement on the ground under a maximum load of 16 tons. It is driven by compressed air and utilizes air-floating modules as the core bearing component. There are no assembly tools needed, no consumables required, and no damage to the ground during operating. Its shake-free carrying process ensures the safety of workers and objects being transferred. Apart from its individual usage, the product can achieve flexible carryings in combination with gantry cranes and forklifts.

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This elegant clothes hanger provides solutions to some of the biggest problems - the difficulty of inserting clothes with a narrow collar, the difficulty of hanging underwear and durability. The inspiration for the design came from the paper clip, which is continuous and durable, and the final shaping and choice of material was due to the solutions to these problems. The result is a great product that facilitates the daily life of the end user and also a nice accessory of a boutique store.

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Self Service Checkout

Self-service checkout is user-friendly, modern and visually light. The SCO design features a timeless look with elegant and clean lines to perfectly fill the store space. Collaboration with retails systems company and manufacturer led to think about the design till the smallest detail. The edges of the product have innovative LED lighting integrated, which brings the attention of customers and informs about the status of the self-checkouts. Improved ergonomics of self-service checkouts' make it easier for customers to complete the payment.

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