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Exosuit Storage Shelves

The designer Dongjie Cao hopes to design a wall hanging storage system that can be used in multiple living spaces. It’s different from the wood structure commonly used on the wall and instead of ultra-thin aluminum material, which conforms to the modern and stylish aesthetic standards. Standardized product specifications are suitable for storage requirements in different scenes of daily life. Ultra-thin aluminum material is used as the clapboard of the shelf, and its easy to assemble on the wall with multiple size options. The clapboard can be used for wall hanging storage in different scenes.

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Wireless Intelligence Sensing (WISe) combines unique hardware and computing breakthroughs to accurately measure heartbeat, breath rates, and other vital signs without wearables. Innovations include minimizing wireless interference and fitting seven antennas in a coin-sized space. Cutting-edge computation isolates sensor signals from environmental noise and measures minuscule rhythms like heartbeats, non-intrusively, from meters away.

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Wallpanel Installing Robot

The wall-panel installing robot is designed to solve the large labor intensity of workers, low efficiency, high safety risk and other adverse factors during construction. It is controlled by app using the set visual charge-coupled device, sensors and built-in algorithms. Many experiments and adjustments are made to make the robot more convenient to use and satisfy the using as well as industry requirement. Functional zones of product are divided through the color blending of materials. The appearance is more tidy and magnificent.

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Tipit is the world's first card reader that makes it possible to transparently leave tips with a bank card, phone or smartwatch. The product is designed for visitors who want to thank the service staff and for waiters, bartenders who want to get tips digitally. Tipping device with rotational wheel provides a playful usage scenario that didn't exist before in the payment area. Less cash, more freedom and fewer taxes. Tipit is the new way to say "Thank you for your service" with a plastic card or smart device.

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The global first polychromatic photoisomer technology applied to battery case of mobile phone achieved multi-color discoloration under light. We used idea that Technology amplify the value of art and art express the value of technology to bring users a deep experience of chasing light. Through the clever use of light and the beauty of change that revealed on the mobile phone, it brings users an immersive and artistic experience and makes users feel the artistic delight of chasing light.

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Tensegrity sensor for disaster sites, which could be dropped from the sky (drone) to collect data for emergency response crews to examine crucial data such as gas leakage, images, and audios from survivors. Due to the risk, this deployable sensor is especially beneficial when it comes to unapproachable sites by humans. Multiple tensegrity modules stored in a basket under the drone with an automated deployment system are deployed on multiple sites nearby to the region of interest once the drone arrives at the location.

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